Commercial Insurance

Get the benefit of feeling secure when the business you’ve built is covered by a trusted Bloomington Insurance company.

Bloomington, Indiana – Hometown Insurance Group Commercial Insurance provides a comprehensive protection for your business and its divisions under a single policy. We design our protection program according to your individual commercial insurance needs. Our insurance agents specialize in this field, their experience, knowledge and positive attitude will definitely help achieve your goals, so you can better focus on growing your business and winning more customers.

Business insurance is an important matter to any business, it has many forms and each one cannot be overlooked especially if your properties are owned, rented or leased.

Let us go through the types of Commercial Insurance in Bloomington that we offer:

1. Property

Commercial Business Property Insurance help protect your Business’ physical assets, such as personal property(documents, valuable papers, furniture..) and your building.

2. Liability

or Commercial General Liability Insurance covers all forms of liability for your business, which protects your business and its employees from the risks imposed by third party claims.

3. Workers’ Compensation

We provide the following services to protect your business and employees in case of work related damages or injuries:

  • Safety Services
  • Risk Management
  • Claims Management
  • Experience Modification analysis and reduction

4. Commercial Umbrella

This helps you increase the limit of your standard business policies(such as General Liability, Auto Insurance and Workers’ Compensation) if they happen to face a serious situation where they cannot cover the expenses anymore.

5. Professional Liability

Covers the employer against errors and/or omissions in the administration of company’s benefits program such as life insurance, health insurance, employee stock plans, social security, unemployment and disability benefits, etc.

6. Executive Liability including Directors and Officers and Employment Practices Liability

Protects employer from wrongful employment practices, such as discrimination, sexual harassment, emotional distress, wrongful termination, wage and hour law violation and other employment-related claims made by employees.

7. International Coverage

International Coverage insurance is designed to effectively address the management risks that companies have to deal with when they conduct business outside of the U.S.

8. Bonds

or financial guarantee insurance is for all forms of bonding to compensate contractual and municipal requirements, this includes ERISA Bonds, License and Permit Bonds, Construction and Contractor Bonds etc.

9. Cyber Coverage

Cyber liability coverage (also known as Network and Information Security Liability and Internet Liability Coverage) protects business from lawsuits caused by cyber crimes such as data theft, network damage and service interruption.

Evaluate your customer and business needs for data protection, invest in protecting those sensitive and vulnerable data like credit card information and bank account numbers from cyber risks and breach of data that can quickly drain your financial reserves.

10. Identity Theft Coverage

Our Identity Theft Coverage offers personal assistance, recovery program and reimbursement of expenses related to identity theft and fraud. We work with independent agencies and cover expenses incurred to correct financial records, clear credit histories and recover of your identity.

The information at this site does not cover the full extent of the services that we offer, ask for the help of Bloomington’s trusted insurance agents from Hometown Insurance LLC and they will create a policy specially for you. We also offer Personal Auto Insurance Products in Bloomington, Indiana (which includes RV Insurance, Golf Cart Insurance, Campers Insurance, ATV Insurance, Motorcycle etc.) Call today for a free quote!